Manchester United: The Untold Story – Ned Kelly with Eric Rowan

man u

Michael ‘Ned’ Kelly is a former SAS soldier who served in Northern Ireland, Germany and Malaya. After leaving the armed services, Ned established his own security firm, Special Projects Security, and began his twelve-year association with Manchester United. Since 2002 he has lived in the United States.

Eric Rowan is an author and playwright whose recent work includes two films for Antoine Films/BBC based on his original works, Badlands and The Tilted Wig. He is also an award-winning songwriter and record producer, working extensively in Nahsville with Elvis Presley’s former backing group, The Jordanaires, and has recently written music for the soundtrack of the Dennis Hopper/Sam Shepard film Leo. He lives in Belgravia, London, and has three children.

The book in one sentence: A look into Manchester United from the perspective of a former head of club security.

Who would you recommend it to: Strictly for Manchester United fans.

Best bits: Chapters 1 [Ooh, Aah, Cantona!], 12 [The Glorious Treble] and 14 [All That Glitters] (ie. David Beckham).

Juicy bits: Eric Cantona’s bottom-spanking bedroom penchant! And David Beckham’s schoolboy tears at some “dog’s abuse” by an airport staff. And Sir Alex Ferguson’s pre-match toilet ritual!

Boring bits: The exhaustive chronicle of match games in every season and dully descriptive security plans.

Verdict: A good read for Man U fans as it reveals a different, no-glossing-over perspective from footballers’ autobiographies.

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