This or That Meme

1. Reading or watching the idiot box?
I’m lazy and a homebody, so I pick the idiot box.

2. Reading while eating a bar of dark chocolate or reading with a cuppa?
Chocolate anytime.

3. Read in bed or read at verandah?
Verandah is brighter, but bed is cozier and has better temperature. So, bed.

4. Read in train ride or read before bed?
Bed again. I actually like to look out the window during train rides.

5. Readwalk (reading while walking) or readwatch (reading while watching the tv)?
I do both, though the latter more than the former.

6. Romance or sci-fi?
Romance, lesser of the two evils.

7. Fiction or non-fiction?

8. Motivational or spiritual?
Neither. But if you force me at gunpoint to choose, motivational.

9. Chick lit or fantasy?
Chick lit, of course! But fantasy’s nice, sometimes.

10. Classic or contemporary?
Contemporary. I like my prose to be direct and un-flowery.

11. Library or bookshop?
Library – I can borrow for free.

12. Secondhand bookshop or internet bookshop?
Secondhand, I can slowly browse through without worrying about my terrible dial-up.

13. E-book or real book?
Real book. E-books hurt my eyes.

14. Borrow from friends or lend to friends?
Of course borrow! I still have two friends borrowing my books, and slowly simmering at them for taking it so long.

15. Pristinely preserved books or comfortably dog-eared books?
Pristinely preserved if the books are mine, dog-eared ones if they are not. But I must admit, the dog-eared ones are the best kind of books to handle when reading, no need as much care.

16. William Shakespeare or Harper Lee?
As I have chosen contemporary previously, so my choice is true because I pick Lee.

17. Gone with the Wind or Memoirs of a Geisha?
I like both, this is tough… Memoirs because I prefer contemporary. I do like Gone with the Wind the movie though!

18. Lauren Weisberger or Sophie Kinsella?
Kinsella hands down, I’m an anglophile. And I hated The Devil Wears Prada.

19. The Chronicles of Narnia or Harry Potter?
Harry Potter though it’s considered somewhat trashy nowadays.

20. Alexander McCall Smith or Agatha Christie?
I love Hercule Poirot, ’nuff said.


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